Ion Exchanger



  • Removing salt from Glucose
  • Glucose more de-colorization
  • Result in better taste of Glucose

Features and benefits:

  • Salt removing from glucose
  • Softening of glucose before evaporation
  • Result in better taste of glucose
  • More De-colorization


Ion exchange is a reversible transfer of ions between a solid and a liquid in which there is no substantial change in the structure of the solid. The solid phase is the ion exchange resin that can be thought of as an elastic three-dimensional network with a large number of ionizable groups.

Ion exchange materials are insoluble substances containing loosely held ions which are ableto be exchanged with other ions in solutions which come in contact with them. Theseexchanges take place without any physical alteration to the ion exchange material. Ionexchangers are insoluble acids or bases which have salts which are also insoluble, and thisenables them to exchange either positively charged ions (Cation exchangers) or negativelycharged ones (Onion exchangers). Many natural substances such as proteins, cellulose, livingcells and soil particles exhibit ion exchange properties which play an important role in theway the function in nature.

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