Starch Vacuum Filter



  • Potato/ cassavastarch de-watering
  • Wheat starch de-watering
  • Corn starch de-watering
  • Modified starch de-watering

Features and benefits:

  • European safety standard (CE certified)
  • Low operation and maintenance cost
  • Smooth and low noise operation
  • Continues operation
  • Low investment requires comparing with Peeler


Drum filters or vacuum filters have been used for dewatering various slurries including starch slurry in starch processing system. As the drum rotates, it is partially submerged in the feed starch slurry.Vacuum draws liquid through the filter medium (cloth) on the drum surface which retains the solids. The vacuum pulls air through the cake and continues to remove moisture as the drum rotates.If required, the cake can be washed to remove impurities or to extract more product.

Finally, the cake is discharged from the drum to a conveyor or chute to the next process step.The filtrate and air pulled through the medium flow through internal filtrate pipes and pass though the rotary valve and into the filtrate receiver.The liquid stream is separated from the vapor stream in the receiver.Liquid filtrate is then pumped to the next step in the process.

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