Starch Dryer

Starch Dryer Machine


  • Wheat starch drying (B-starch and A-starch)
  • Potato and cassava starch drying
  • Corn starch drying
  • Modified starch drying
  • Cassava flour drying

Features and benefits:

  • Easy operation
  • Indirect air heating
  • High efficiency and short drying time
  • Low maintenance
  • Fine powder quality


Flash drying is defined as the drying of particles that are suspended and conveyed in a hot air stream.Drying starch using a flash dryer is the most economical drying method. The whole process is fully automatic requiring no handling or human involvement. The feed rate is adjusted automatically as per the variation in moisture content in wet cake thereby achieving consistent product quality.

The principle of Flash Drying is to evaporate surface moisture instantaneously. It is well known fact that the surface area of wet lump increases as the size of lump decreases. The wet cake is disintegrated into fines to increase the surface area.

Operation principal: Wet starch cake is fed into feed mechanism. The screw feeder gives controlled feed at rated capacity to disintegrator. The air is heated after passing through air filter. Hot air and wet starch cake get thoroughly mixed in the disintegrator. Drying duct conveys the pulverized material to cyclone and drying gets completed in conveying duct.

The time taken by disintegrated powder to travel through drying duct is called residence time of drying. The material loses moisture that is absorbed by hot air. The temperature of air reduces while its humidity increases. Powder is further dried in cyclone. Separation of dried powder and air takes place in cyclone. Powder is discharged from cyclone through powder air-lock. As per customers requirement there is option of using bag filter to maximize the efficiency.

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