Rotary Tube Dryer

Rotary Tube Dryer


  • Corn Fiber drying
  • Corn Gluten drying
  • Corn Germ drying
  • DDGS drying in Ethanol line
  • Wheat Fiber drying

Features and benefits:

  • European safety standard (CE certified)
  • Can meet ASME and PED standard
  • Low steam consumption
  • Indirect heating
  • Safe and gentle drying process


Rotary Tube Bundle Dryer is one of the most effective and efficient dryers in the starch industry. It has wide spectrum of applications. They are safe and reliable products with low rotational speed.

Steam heated tubes bundle rotates under low speed in a stationary housing which its lower shell content is the material to be dried. Rotating tube bundle along with stainless steel shovels which are fixed to shovel bars, convey the wet material axially to be dried through the dryer. Shovels elevate the product through the circumference. The product gets dried by contact with the tubes which high pressure steam goes through.

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