• Potato rasping/ milling for starch separation
  • Cassava rasping/milling for starch separation

Features and benefits:

  • European safety standard (CE certified)
  • High milling efficiency
  • High speed rotor
  • Superior saw blade clamping
  • Easy maintenance and service
  • Smooth and low noise operation


Rasping is the first step in the starch extraction process. The goal is to open all the tuber cells, so that all the starch granules are released. The slurry obtained can be considered as a mixture of pulp (cell walls), fruit juice, and starch. With modern high-speed rappers, rasping is a one-pass operation only. An even feed of the rasps is essential for a steady flow throughout the rest of the plant.

Rasper is one of the key machines in potato and cassava starch processing lines. Starch yield rate very much depends on the performance of Rasper. High speed rotor and absolutely high linear speed and special alloy saw blades help releasing starch from tuber cells on feed potato or cassava. Rasper feed is washed potato or cassava and exit is starch and pulp slurry.

Higher rotational speed and bigger rotor are key elements of Rasper performance.

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