• Starch washing, refining and protein separation
  • Starch concentration and a good substitution for disc separator
  • A-starch and B-starch separation in wheat starch line
  • A-starch, B-starch and gluten separation (Hydro cyclone method)
  • Starch recovery in corn starch line

Features and benefits:

  • European safety standard ( can meet CE )
  • Excellent starch quality
  • Easy operation and low maintenance
  • No extra safety measures required
  • Compact design, low required space and cost effective
  • Applicable to all corn, potato, wheat and cassava starch lines


A typical Hydro Cyclone System consists of batteries of cyclones in completely unitized and enclosed housings, arranged for efficient countercurrent starch washing mainly, but used for various other applications in starch industry as well. The centrifugal forces needed to make the separation in hydro cyclones ( cyclonettes ) are derived from energy supplied by pumps. The high rotational velocities in the individual cyclones cause the starch as heavier phase to concentrate in the underflow while the suspended lighter particles which are protein, small starch particles and etc. follow the overflow wash water stream. The multistage systems provide easy and precise control of the process, resulting in the uniform, high quality starch required in today’s highly demanding marketplace.

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