Fiber and Germ Screw Press

Fiber and Germ Screw Press


  • Fiber dewatering
  • Germ dewatering
  • Wheat gluten dewatering

Features and benefits:

  • Compact design
  • Low output moisture
  • Easy operation and low maintenance


Screw press can be used in an extremely wide variety of liquid-solid separation, or dewatering applications. The screw press is a very simple, slow moving mechanical devise. Dewatering is continuous and is accomplished by gravity drainage at the inlet end of the screw and then by reducing the volume as the material being dewatered is conveyed from the inlet to the discharge end of the screw press. Proper screw design is critical, as different materials require different screw speeds, screw configurations, and screens in order to dewater to a high outlet consistency while maintaining an excellent capture rate.

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