Corn Milling Machine



  • First and second stages of corn milling to separate germ
  • Third corn milling to separate fiber

Features and benefits:

  • Simple operation mechanism
  • Energy efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • High performance
  • Easy installation


In corn starch processing, after steeping section, corn needs to be milled in order to separate germ from corn. The corn milling performs in two main stages, first is called rough milling and the second fine milling. For these two milling, two separate types of corn milling machines are used, Corn Disc Mill and Corn Pin Mill.

Corn Disc Mill is for rough crushing of corn grain in corn starch wet production. After steeping section corn comes to this machine and is crushed to couple of pieces to separate most of germ from corn kernel.

Generally Pin Mill is used after corn disc mill machine in corn starch processing lines. This machine is one of the key equipment in fine milling of corn, in order to separate fiber from starch later in the process.

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