Centrifugal Sieve

Centrifugal Sieve


  • Starch and pulp separation
  • Pulp and fine fiber separation
  • Fiber screening from wheat starch

Features and benefits:

  • High starch quality
  • Continuous and smooth operation
  • Optimal extraction
  • Minimize fiber in starch milk
  • Automated cleaning
  • Multi capacities flexibility
  • Skid mounting option


Slurry is pumped directly to the center of the conical rotating screen basket. Under centrifugal force, the starch is flushed through the screen onto the back of the basket and leaves the centrifugal sieve while fiber/pulp sliding off the screen and leaves the sieve from the front outlet. Water spraying nozzles inside and outside of the basket ensures fiber/pulp washing and prevent screen blockage.

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