Starch Tablware Production

One of the main applications of starch based bio-plastics is disposal tableware production. Starch disposal tableware including various cups, bowls, plate, food containers, cups and etc has vast application in food packaging.


Here is a brief review of main stages of starch tableware production:

1- Biodegradable granule production:

Starch is mixed with some other additives manually or automatic. Prepared mixture of starch and additives enter to a high speed mixer. After keeping in high speed mixing and high temperature, output leaves the hot high speed mixer to a cooling mixer. Almost white granule is output of cooling process which can be formed a sheet.

2- Starch SHEET production

Prepared Granule at the previous stage enters to a sheet extruder machine. Extruder machine forms various sheet of thickness 0.22 to 2.2 mm from granule. These sheets can be used in vacuum or pressure forming machines to be formed to starch tableware.

3- Forming

Sheets produced by extruder is used by a vacuum or pressure forming machine with various dies to form different bowls, cups, trays, food containers and etc. In both pressure and vacuum forming, tableware are formed by air either negative or positive pressure.

4- Trimming and recycling

From each sheets many pieces of tableware produced simultaneously, so they need to be separated from each other by trimming. Trimmed material is used to be recycled by a waste crushing machine to be used in the production process again.

5- Quality control and packing

All products are inspected and they would be recycled in case of low quality. Products which quality controls are stored at the ware house for market delivery.