Starch Cutlery Production

In producing starch tableware, first it required to prepare a type of granule to be changed to sheet and then tableware. But for producing biodegradable cutlery, it is first required to make a sort of granule with the ability of injection. This kind of granule is called INJECTION-GRADE GRANULE.

Here is a brief review of main stages of starch cutlery production:

1- Biodegradable Powder production:

Starch is mixed with some other additives manually or automatic. Prepared mixture of starch and additives enter to a high speed mixer. After keeping in high speed mixing and high temperature, output leaves the hot high speed mixer to a cooling mixer. Almost white powder is output of cooling process which can be formed to injected grade granule.

2- Biodegradable Injection grade granule production:

Produced powder in previous stage goes to an extruder machine under a certain pressure and temperature to form biodegradable injection grade granule.

3- Cutlery production:

Produced granule by extruder has the injection specifications. It can be used to produce cutlery by an injection machine. By using various molds, different shapes of cutlery can be formed.