Starch-based Bag

Demand for starch based bags is increasing rapidly. Recently using starch based bags are getting compulsory in many countries which care about environment. Starch based bag production is a recently developed technology, so few countries around the world have this technology.

Here is a brief review of main stages of starch-based bag production:

1- Granule production:

At this stage starch mixed with some other additives and enters to a granulator machine and put under certain temperature and pressure. Granule produced by granulator machine called film-grade granule which is used in film blowing to form film.

2- Film production

Produced film grade granule at previous stage enters to an extruder machine to form various thickness of film. Produced film is stretched by some rollers then cooled and rolled to be used for making bags.

3- Bag Making

By a bag making machine, various size of bags can be produced by using film which prepared in the previous stage. Films produced are long so needed to be cut to a certain length. Also putting handle for shopping bags required, which can be done by a bag making machine.