Technology and Know-how

MICROTEC is specializes in production technology & process of corn starch, wheat starch, cassava starch, potato starch, modified starch, glucose, fructose and bio-plastic. These are core to our processing technology and engineering capabilities.

Combination of expertise in production technology and capability of machinery and equipment design, along with highly experienced experts, make MICROTEC matchless in providing turnkey solutions to starch, glucose, modified starch and bio-plastic processing lines.

What makes our processing technology unique?

  • Economical processing system
  • High gluten and starch yield
  • igh products quality
  • lexible design to suit investor budget
  • Easy to use

MICROTEC technology and know-how assists you to produce various types of starch, modified starch and starch sweeteners. If you need to set up a new processing line, or are in need of upgrading your existing plant, MICROTEC technology would be of a great help to your need.

Our professional engineering team who have PHD, Master and Bachelor university degrees mainly in Chemical, Mechanical, Electrical and Process engineering, can provide you all the engineering and technology services of starch, sweetener and bio-plastic production. Engineering and technology services including the following but not limited to:

  • Transferring know-how and processing technology
  • Basic and detail engineering in production processing and technology

Production Machinery & Turnkey projects

Production machinery

Corn starch, wheat starch, potato starch, cassava starch, glucose, starch sweeteners and bio plastic production machinery our core to our supplying machines and equipment.

With vast knowledge and experience, by help of professional engineers, skilled technicians and high capability quality control team along with access to manufacturing workshop, MICROTEC would design, manufacture and supply high quality production machines. You might need one single machine for upgrading your plant or need entire production machines for setting up a new plant, we have the ability to design, manufacture and supply the best to suit your requirements.

Our providing machinery can meet the following standards upon customers’ requirements and needs:

  • CE mark. (European safety directives, European Conformity )
  • ASME design and ASME material certificates ( American Society of Mechanical Engineers)
  • PED (European Pressure Equipment Directives)

Turnkey project:

Looking for peace of mind for setting up a production line? Let MICROTEC point you in the right direction. Our team members’ have successfully guided large and small starch, glucose and bio-plastic production lines projects around the world. MICROTEC makes the process go smoothly.

With lots of experience, capabilities, expertise and resources, MICROTEC can provide you with all you need, whether it’s a single machine or an entire plant or your approach is turnkey projects. Regardless of your unique project, we have an established and proven process and technology to ensure its success.
Our capabilities encompass three project phases: proposal, order execution, and operation and maintenance. Within each phase, a well-established series of procedures thoroughly addresses every aspect of your project.

Engineering, Research & Design

As a knowledge-based company, MICROTEC has always included research and development capabilities and it is core to our scope of activities. MICROTEC Research and Development can help you with the analysis of a broad range of food processing technologies mainly in starch and Bio-material industries. MICROTEC has ongoing programs devoted to find new processing technologies and machinery to develop new products as well as improving the quality of products. In addition, we have always tried to find solutions to decrease energy consumption of processing lines and find a better ways to meet our customers’ requirements in the area of starch and bio-material. The research and development done by MICROTEC team in their past experience has yielded important advances in product development and process improvement.

Installation & Commissioning

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