Free Technical Consultation

Free Consult

We always care our old and new customers!

Technical consultations are one of the many ways MICROTE Chelps clients in starch and bio-plastic industries to meet today’s requirements of technology and competitive market.For our old customers we have various ways to support them by continues consultation and updating them of our new equipment, technologies and achievements.

To value our new clients, we are proud to announce our FREE TECHNICAL CONSULTATIONS to assist them with:

1- Changing the existing plant from batch system to continues system
2- Upgrading the existing facilities
3- Solutions to improve the products yield
4- Introducing new technologies and equipment in starch and bio-plastic industries
5- Increasing the existing plant capacities by adding some new equipment
6- Decreasing manufacturing cost
7- Consulting for new investment for starch or bio-plastic factories

Our free technical consultation services are available either on-site, by phone, or at MICROTEC headquarters to help new investors and existing starch factories.

Call us to request a FREE Technical Consultation Today!!