Starch Sheet Extruder



  • Biodegradable sheet making
  • Starch-based sheet making

Features and benefits:

  • High efficient
  • Good feeding function
  • Multi-functional application
  • Accurate sheet thickness


Bio-plastic sheet extruder machine uses high efficient melting and extruding technology. It is mainly used for making starch-based and bio-degradable sheet from starch.

High efficient extruding, excellent exhausting capability, good feeding function, high power saving and multi-functional applications are the main advantages of this machine.

The feed for this machine is bio-degradable or starch based granule. Granule enters this machine and is extruded under high pressure and high temperature. Material goes between three precision polished pressing rollers. These rollers help with cooling the extruded material as well as sheet sizing. Sheets then are trimmed to achieve required widths.

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