Bio-plastic Twin Mixer

Bioplastic High Speed Mixer


  • Biodegradable sheet-grade granule making
  • Starch based injection grade powder making
  • Starch based film grade powder making
  • Mixing starch and additives

Features and benefits:

  • High mixing capability
  • Exhaust remaining gas from mixture
  • Pneumatic and safe lifting mechanism
  • Auto control of pressure and temperature
  • Low maintenance and low noise
  • Combination of heating and cooling mixing


Heat & Cool Mixer unit integrates heat mixing process and cold mixing process together. Powder material automatically leaves heating mixer and enters cooling mixer to be cooled. Remaining gas is exhausted also automatically from cooling section.

This kind of mixers generally used for compounding, mixing, drying and coloring bio-degradable and starch based materials. It is also ideal equipment for formulating and mixing biodegradable materials.
This high speed mixer is mechanically simple and can be easily cleaned for mixing. Temperature adjustment , rotational speed , heating and cooling time are some important parameters which affect final product quality significantly.

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